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Positivity, Respect, and Proper Conduct on NG

Posted by Critterz - September 16th, 2021

Hi all! Now this is an odd one. I'm pretty sure this dude hates me but I've decided to ignore that. He's blaming me for the low score on his song. I actually gave him five stars. I gave him these five stars because his song was worth them. Before I voted his score was at around only 3.2. That said, I do believe that a follower or two of mine are the ones who did it. But of course I cannot confirm.

So I would like my followers to listen to this!

I certainly do think he's been review bombed. Many of you who follow me are creaters as well, and while low scores aren't the end of the world, it can be annoying to KNOW someone has sabatoged you.

So please guys go over to the link and show RealGare some support. From what I can tell he's only 17 and very talented.

One last thing. I did a bit more research into the situation regarding him and I and I think I know who bombed his score. So I'll just say this. While I appreciate all the love and support I get from you guys, bombing someone who didn't like me isn't okay either. I don't need anyone to defend my honor or my music. I'm a big boy, I can take it! So please. EVERYONE. Positivity and respect all around! In order for this to be a good, positive, collaborative, safe community we can't step on each other like this guys!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk



Yeah sames happened to me people will follow you just to get close and then falsely try to silence you we call it hate watchers and yes its unprofessional and unhealthy to hold a grudge like this

It certainly doesn't feel like in this situation RealGares is holding a grudge. He certainly hasn't zero bombed me that I can tell. For me it just kind of broke my heart that someone thinks I would do it. I think that this is a great creative platform and I want people to feel free to express their creativity and opinions on others without fear of retaliation ya know? Like his three stars on me isn't a reason to give him zero.

I feel like the problem is that people who zero rarley leave reviews, so there's nothing but speculation sometimes to the author. I feel that every single score should have their name next to it. In my opinion that would make it way easier to see the difference between users who didn't like that song in particular, and those users who are petty.

@ethanblair @ZacStriga its a double edged sword by showing who rated stuff leaves the flood gates open to harrassment its rare though people hide reviews to avoid the same people who use it for evil they also don't cover there tracks I mean talking figuretively

It would be an invasion of privacy and hypocritical to shun people who think its okay to blam or negative score bomb stuff just to even a grudge though even though this is petty its best to not dwell on it as its irrelevant to the content and they are difference between wanting some one to succeed or they want to see them fail

This types of stress really can get to people like take it from his perspective no matter what they produce they will be hate bombed sadly instead of jumping to the conclusion of produceing the material undercover or giveing people whos doing it a taste of there own medicine if you wish

They become grief stricken and lose hope in there projects becomeing bitter its a circle of negative energy the best you can do is block people harrassing you and report them for abuseive reviews and witch hunting and pray the noise stops if not you just got to move on until more people bring them to light

theres two senerios either a person exclusively hate you or they have a shared hatred of them and any one who agrees with them

the hate shouldn't last forever its just another reason to succeed even when everything is against you

You make very valid points, and like I said. This hasn't exactly escalated or become a big deal at all. I just thought it would be nice for the author to know that he has the wrong impression. We'll never get rid of the issue, simply for the reasons you stated. My whole point I think is that all we can do is strive to behave better than that and behave constructively. Especially as an artist it's imperitive to take criticism, and even unfair judgment in stride. If you take a listen to this kids music it speaks for itself. You can zero it all day if you want, doesn't make it a bad song! :)